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Here’s Maddie’s insight about California politics!



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This blog is an effort of passion and commitment, created for the students of CD 479: Policy Analysis and Advocacy, a senior capstone course of the Child Development Department at Humboldt State University.
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3 Responses to Maddie’s Insight

  1. I believe in democracy absolutely. Ironically, I also have trouble with trusting voters to do what is right for children and families. But…hmm…whose idea of what is right? I guess I need to own my bias–children and families should be our priority, and our money should represent our priorities. We’ll see what voters decide in November.

  2. Claire says:

    Great cartoon. So now we get to do the “Education Rag” – get down and educate, educate, let those people know! Been here before as I remember; sometimes it even works! I need more coffee!

  3. corina says:

    Coffee COULD help…
    I got a funny quote on my tea bag the other day. It was:

    “If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.”

    – Moshe Dayan

    I guess if I am to recognize my own bias toward children (and my feelings about social inequalities), my “enemies” would be those opposed to the idea of putting the resources where they belong. That’s where it gets even more complicated, right? How do I identify who to talk to? Solution? Talk about it to everyone, all the time (haha). For me, every conversation about children, every interaction I have with a child or another parent, every day, every time I give my son a hug and a kiss and learn about things together. It is the small things building and the feeling of solidarity with the greater world! Activism having the root word active is no accident, right? Let’s go!

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