the power of one and the power of joining together

Allie’s thoughts:
This video brings to light the idea that everything we do affects someone else. People often feel they have to go out of their way or do something special to affect or help other people. Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear or a helping hand in a time of need. All people are unique and have different stories to tell but can affect one another and create change. It’s important to remember that one person has the power to change the lives of people around them and then like a wave those people go out and help other people and sooner or later change happens and the way people think about each other changes. The littlest things can make a world of difference and if we can all accomplish the little things individually and come together to accomplish larger goals, there is hope for future change. I hope for a more educated community about the capabilities of all people and that we stop focusing on the disabilities and focus on the possibilities and strengths of all people. I can’t sit around and wait for someone else to take a stand for me, I have to stand proud and be heard. My music teacher in high school once said to me “what’s more powerful a soloist or a 300 member choir singing in harmony?” Without the individual strength of each voice coming together in unison the choir wouldn’t be a choir but rather a group of individuals. Leaving the audience to make sense out of chaos, but if the voices ring out together each unique but together the audience is left with a message.


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One Response to the power of one and the power of joining together

  1. I love how this is a tribute to one child. One person can have such an amazing impact.

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