New Funding for Childcare Stage 3 participants

Children whose families participate in CalWORKS, the program which administers California’s allocations from the federal Temporary Aid to Needy Families (welfare), are eligible to receive childcare while their parents are working, seeking work, or engaged in retraining (like attending college). Stage 3 is the last stage of the program, and the most vulnerable to funding cuts. The “contractors” in the message below are those family child care homes and child care centers which provide child care for CalWORKS families. Here’s a recent announcement from the California Department of Education (CDE):

There have been reports in the field that a possible infusion of funding for Stage 3 could be imminent . We would like to confirm that $ 8 million in increased funding for Stage 3 is being identified as we speak, and the California Department of Education will release details on this increase and the impact it will have on individual Stage 3 contractors as soon as possible. This funding will be a great assistance to those contractors experiencing disproportionate Stage 3 enrollment growth, and will hopefully allow advocacy for full funding of Stage 3 enrollment growth to continue.

The California Department of Education staff are reviewing caseload and expenditure reports to quickly determine which Stage 3 agencies have the greatest need for additional funding. We are committed to providing information as soon as possible regarding the impact these additional funds could have to your contracts and intend to inform agencies next week about what minimum amount they will be able to expect as an augmentation to their contracts. This augmentation should allow impacted agencies to adjust your disenrollment plans and keep more families in your programs.

We are delighted to bring you this information but are sure this also generates many questions. We will hold a conference call on Monday afternoon at 3pm to provide additional information and answer questions. If you have additional information to share about your agency’s Stage 3 shortfall, this issue will also be discussed Monday. A subsequent email will follow with the call in information.

Camille Maben, Director
Child Development Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 3410/Room 3502
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 324-0730 / FAX (916) 322-4159


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