The Cure-revised

The wrong video was originally posted. Here’s the correct one.
Katherine says: This is a video of a group of young people who are singing outside of Oprah’s studio, have not slept in days and still passionately and creatively create strive to create change for the children in Uganda, Africa. I want to see people singing in the streets for the advocacy of the children here in the United States as well, making personal sacrifices to be heard by Washington D.C. Seeing a group of three young guys start a movement like this makes me think it should be easy for a class full of Child Development majors to do the same. So that our desires for change in our country can be made in the name of love, just like the desires of Martin Luther King Jr.

The change I would like to see happen is for children and families in low income areas, by giving them opportunities to learn, demanding respect no matter what their race or sexual orientation so that they are capable of fulfilling the potential that lies within them. By changing their environment in their homes, communities and the thoughts they have about themselves, I hope to bring light into the lives of children who feel like they are trapped in the dark.


About childandfamilypolicy

This blog is an effort of passion and commitment, created for the students of CD 479: Policy Analysis and Advocacy, a senior capstone course of the Child Development Department at Humboldt State University.
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One Response to The Cure-revised

  1. How can change not happen, when you have the vision and the commitment? I hope you are able bring that light, too.

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