Rachel, Corina, Sarah and Nam’s Article: Disparity in School Funding

Here’s the link to the article to read BEFORE class on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Here are their responses to the assignment questions and the questions they’ll be asking the to address during the discussion.
1. Julia Brownley is the woman behind this policy.

2. Ms. Brownley is an assemblywoman from Santa Monica. The policy would impact public schools in California.

3. The main point of this policy is to get equal funding for children across schools and
districts. The different amount of money allotted per school per student sets up a
precedent of inequality, in essence saying that one child is valued over another.

4. This is a fairly recent article (June 2011) focusing on education funding in the
political climate today. The California budget (deficit) is a huge issue, and deciding where to cut funding, and where to give funding is on the forefront of everybody’s minds.

5. I think the major assumption that this bill and policymaker have is that all children are entitled to the right to access a quality education. Schools should receive a more proportionate amount of funding based on the needs of their students and faculty. Because she is a democrat it would be safe to say that Brownley is for bills that will create opportunities for everyday citizens.

Discussion Questions:

LINK to a recent article mentioning the bill from January 5, 2012:

1. If spending doesn’t correlate to academic success, what do you think does?

2. Do you have any ideas for how to regulate government spending on schools? What
would you do differently?

3. How would funding change if disadvantaged students and second language learners were taken into account? The case mentioned while discussing “The Money Myth” of Spanish translators needed for Special Education documentation interpretation seems pertinent. How can this system be managed and equitable?

4. Do you think all schools should have equal funding?

5. What can be changed to help funds be more efficiently spent?

California School Funding Analysis Finds Disparity


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