Message from Claire

I received the following email from Claire Knox this morning. After a brief exchange, we decided that the best way to share her thoughts with all of you would be for me to post the email. Enjoy!


I’m wondering what the best way is for me to express my deep appreciation to the 479 class for the wonderful things that are appearing in the blog. I had just finished looking at AJR 22 and signing a document of support tonight when I decided to go and check out the blog again. It’s been a tough week and I was feeling a bit worn. The postings on the blog changed that. The postings are full of the care, commitment, insight and determination that does and can and has and will continue to make a difference. It made me remember a quote that I first heard while participating in a student strike in response to the Kent State shootings in 1970 – “When men learn to use the force of love together they will have discovered fire a second time.” – Pierre Tielhard de Chardin. I truly believe that there is no more powerful force in the world than caring communities, and their postings are evidence of their investment in our community. Reading them is both humbling and inspiring.

-Claire Knox


About childandfamilypolicy

This blog is an effort of passion and commitment, created for the students of CD 479: Policy Analysis and Advocacy, a senior capstone course of the Child Development Department at Humboldt State University.
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