Jesika’s Advocacy Opportunity

Jesika asked me to create this post about a meeting she is attending. She needs the input of CD 479 students. Jesika and about a dozen other Yurok HSU students have been invited to have lunch with HSU’s President Richmond. Attendees have been asked to bring one “wish” and to share something that has been positive about their experience at HSU.

Jesika said that she felt that this would be a good opportunity to share, directly with the president, what CD students were thinking. So, if you could, please post comments to this entry today with your wishes and positive experiences.

I want to thank Jesika very, very much to sharing her opportunity with all of you. She could have just spoken from her own experience but wants your voices- the voices of CD students- heard as well.


About childandfamilypolicy

This blog is an effort of passion and commitment, created for the students of CD 479: Policy Analysis and Advocacy, a senior capstone course of the Child Development Department at Humboldt State University.
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9 Responses to Jesika’s Advocacy Opportunity

  1. Leila says:

    I suppose I have a few “wishes” that I would like President Richmond to hear. One wish is for all majors, programs and departments to be considered on a more equitable basis. Each has something very important to offer its students, community and society in general, and some programs should not be given more preferential treatment or attention because a few people deem that it is a “better” or more valuable program. I also wish that I could see less of an emphasis on the business of education, and more on the quality of education. Something positive about my experience here is that I think I have grown tremendously and become more open-minded and I attribute a lot of that to having small classes where we can all learn from each other, sharing ideas and opinions. I hate to think of others not getting to have those experiences because of financial pressure to have 60 person classes when they really should be 20-30. I understand that there are budget issues but money is being spent unwisely and greedily. Students and faculty could be benefitting from it by funding more resources, services and creating a better system.

    Don’t know how much of our ideas you can present Jesika but thanks for doing this! Hopefully, our wishes will be heard!


  2. mt116116 says:

    I wish Richmond would agree to get paid the same as the faculty he oversees. But if we’re realistic, I would say thing that are important to me are: keeping classes small; having a campus community of respect (Leila, I think you really touched on this) for all of the students, faculty and departments; limiting online classes; and making concerted effort to keep students from feeling the burdens of the budget. Thanks for doing this Jesika!

  3. mt116116 says:

    Whoops. Didn’t realize what the username was. That last one was from Maddie (me).

  4. Michaela says:

    Hire more CD faculty! So we can enjoy smaller class sizes, therefore creating more of an intimate environment. We are a growing major. I am grateful that I have been able to have small class sizes the past couple years, but that is changing…

  5. althea jones says:

    I wish that Humboldt State could be affordable for everyone who had an interest in attending. I hope that if there are more online classes that they are seen as an alternative but not a replacement for regular classes. I would like to see Humboldt state become more easily accessible to students who are differently-able.

    I personally have enjoyed small class sizes and being able to access my professors when I need. I have also enjoyed learning in an environment that celebrates and excepts diversity.


  6. Danielle says:

    A positive experience for me has been the child development experience in general. We have very dedicated teachers that help us to see how much of a change we can make when working with children and families. Without this dedication from the teachers the child development department would not be the same. My wish is for our major and all teachers to get the respect we deserve.

  7. Leah Fukunaga says:

    I don’t know if I am too late in responding, but I also want to express that getting my degree in Child Development at HSU was one of the most positive experiences of my life. One doesn’t have to be passionate about children and education to know that the department is sharp and innovative or that the material we share and study is diverse, engaging, and timely. This department is highly revolutionary because not only does it offer folks preparation to be societal professionals, but it also makes a big deal of the fact that if we don’t like the system, we can learn how it works, and that powers the ability for us to change it. I would like only to thank Rollin Richmond for recognizing the importance of the Child Development Department enough to keep it going, because my wish is to see it continue to thrive!

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