Color of Change petition

This message from landed in my email this afternoon. They are one of the many advocacy organizations I follow. Here’s the text from their email:

During a recent interview with the hip-hop magazine XXL, rapper Too $hort encouraged teenage boys to “turn girls out” by pushing “her up against the wall.” The 45-year-old rapper continued, graphically urging his audience to put their hands inside the underwear of middle school-aged girls in order to achieve what he called “mind manipulation.” The magazine packaged the disturbing monologue under the headline “Fatherly Advice From Too $hort.”

Rhetoric like this has real effects on girls in our communities. A new study reveals that a staggering three out of five Black girls experience sexual assault by the time they turn 18. So why did the XXL staff, led by Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten, allow this video to appear on its site?

Vanessa Satten, Editor in Chief of XXL, said she didn't see the video before it posted

Join us in calling on Harris Publications Inc., publisher of XXL, to fire Satten and explain what steps they’ll take to make sure that sexual violence directed at girls and women is not tolerated at their magazines and websites. When we do, we’ll send a message to the entertainment media industry that we won’t be silent while one of its companies demeans and endangers our children.

Here’s the link to their petition.

ColorOfChange says: "Our goal is to empower our members - Black Americans and our allies - to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone."


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2 Responses to Color of Change petition

  1. meagan says:

    This is really disturbing to me. It is bad enough that people are supporting these artists and making them rich, but taking it a step further by glorifying rape and molestation makes my stomach turn. Does Too $hort have any children? What a psychopath, soul-less creep.

    • Well, I don’t know if he is a psychopath and I can’t speak about his soul, but it is pretty obvious to me that he is clueless about some things! Maybe he’s just trying to sell music, and violence sells. I do think it was REALLY irresponsible of XXL to publish that interview.

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