Danielle, Meagan, Megan & Gracie’s Policy Article

Here’s their article: Kids Need an Early Start.

Here is their summary with the questions.

This article talks about the benefits of universal preschool, in relation to Alberto Torrico’s California universal preschool plan which is to expand public education from preschool to 12 grade. (Assembly bill AB2252) The article was written by author Isabel V. Sawhill, senior fellow of economic studies. This article is targeting children 2-5 years and the population of modest income. The main ideas of this article are ways we can provide universal preschool nation wide. The author mentions three ways the federal government can intervene to make universal preschool happen. This policy is in place because of the need for child care for all SES, this would impact all tax payers. Historically speaking preschools are being provided privately and for those below poverty line. This policy implements for more academic readiness for elementary school age children. An assumption behind this policy is that tax payers would comply to paying taxes to provide preschool for all. Another assumption is that there is a strong value for preschool.

Policy Article Questions:
1. Do you think preschool better prepares children for elementary/kindergarten?
2. “Although providing medical care and retirement benefits to the elderly on even welfare benefits and food stamps to the poor one time-honored federal commitments, these programs are better thought of as picking up the pieces after the education system has failed”
3. “The lesson from decades of research is that with limited resources, it is better to provide fewer children a quality program that promises to improve their school performance and later success, than to spread the money more broadly”
4. From the three ways the federal government could intervene, what would be the best strategy?
5. Should universal preschool be mandatory for 2-5? Is there flexibility?
6. If this is passed, what do you think will happen to smaller child-care programs, i.e. private, home-based?
7. What are the cons to universal preschool?
8. How qualified should preschool teachers be? Do you think 12 units of ECE is enough for a head teacher position?


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