California Legislative Hearings

The Senate Education Committee will meet next Wednesday. They will be discussing the following:
9 a.m. – John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203)
S.B. No. 958 Rubio. Schools: well-equipped classrooms.
S.B. No. 994 Vargas. Pupil instruction: social sciences: California Lati-
no history: California Latino Curriculum Committee.
S.B. No. 1138 Liu. Educational data: State Department of Education:
California Postsecondary Education Commission.
S.B. No. 1154 Walters. Instructional materials: digital format.
S.B. No. 1200 Hancock. Academic content standards: standards review
S.B. No. 1204 Wyland. School facilities: local bond measures: citizens’
oversight committee: performance and financial audits.
S.B. No. 1240 Cannella. School finance: emergency loans: South Monte-
rey County Joint Union High School District.
S.B. No. 1245 Alquist. Teacher credentialing: subject matter certificate
in mathematics or science.
S.B. No. 1280 Pavley. Public contracts: University of California and
community college districts: competitive bidding: best val-
S.B. No. 1290 Alquist. Charter schools: establishment, renewal, and re-
S.B. No. 1292 Liu. School employees: principals: evaluation.
S.B. No. 1375 Alquist. Student veterans: services.
S.B. No. 1423 Hernandez. Public school accountability: statewide sys-
tem of school support: English learners.
S.B. No. 1466 De Leon. Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program eligi-
S.B. No. 1515 Yee. California State University: board of trustees: mem-
S.B. No. 1539 Corbett. Postsecondary education: textbooks.
S.C.R. No. 73 Yee. Child sexual abuse curriculum.

On Thursday, May 3, the Senate Budget subcommittee on Education will be meeting on the Governor’s Budget Proposals regarding Higher Education. Here’s the list of what they’ll be addressing:
9:30 a.m. or upon adjournment of session – Room 3191
Item Description
SUBJECT: Governor’s 2012-13 Higher Education Budget Proposals:
6120 California State Library
6440 University of California
6610 California State University
6600 Hastings College of the Law
6870 California Community Colleges
6120 California State Library
7980 California Student Aid Commission

The Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance will meet on May 9 to address the above issues.


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