Wake Up, Moms–You’re fighting the wrong fight

Check out this great blog post from Michelle Littlefield, author of “I’ll turn this car around.

The post responds to Time Magazine’s recent controversial cover and gets to the real issue of the “Mommy Wars.” The Mommy Wars are just a distraction, or maybe even a diversionary tactic, to keep us from noticing how poorly US families with young children are cared for, compared to other industrialized nations. I didn’t want to post the sensationalist, divisive and, to me, disturbing cover. But Littlefield’s response is thoughtful and really cuts to what we should be attending to: policies that better ensure that families with young children are healthy. And if you haven’t seen the image, you really need to, so you can judge the controversy, and the Mommy Wars, for yourself.

Here’s the link to the Time article.

If you click on the image below, it will take you to Littlefield’s response.


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